Can You Bring a Firearm into a Bar or Restaurant in Fort Worth, TX?

Texas law restricts the carrying of firearms in places that sell alcohol. Bars that get more than half of their sales with alcohol have different rules than other places that sell food. Starting on New Year's Day, some diners in Texas started wearing an entirely new type of accessory - a firearm. Last June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a bill that would allow licensed firearm owners to openly display their weapons in public.

Before the new law took effect on January 1, Texas was a concealed carry state, which explicitly prohibited carrying weapons outdoors in public spaces. In Texas, carrying firearms in bars is regulated by state law and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). According to the Texas State Law Library, it is generally illegal to carry a firearm in any establishment that primarily sells alcohol. This includes not only bars, but also restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages.

In short, Texas law strictly prohibits carrying firearms in bars and establishments with 51% signs. However, in a state as pro-gun as Texas, where nearly a million Texans are licensed to carry weapons in secret, the political waters can be turbulent for restaurants who are trying to decide whether or not to allow customers to openly display weapons in their establishments. Texas law allows handguns to be carried both concealed and openly by people who have a valid permit to drive handguns or those who can legally own and carry a firearm under state and federal laws. In addition, applicants must complete a background check and participate in a safety course that includes both classroom instruction and a demonstration of firearm proficiency. Dallas restaurateur Bradley Anderson, owner of Rapscallion and Boulevardier, has chosen not to open his stores for security reasons. In short, bringing firearms to a bar in Texas may be prohibited, especially if the establishment derives a significant portion of its revenue from selling alcohol. One of the most common questions about Texas gun laws is whether or not you can take a firearm to a bar.

People should familiarize themselves with state and federal laws regarding prohibited places to ensure that they don't inadvertently break the law while carrying a firearm. In conclusion, while Texas law gives employees the right to keep firearms in their vehicles and carry them with a valid long-term license, employers still have the authority to set their own policies regarding firearms in the workplace. While employers can establish their own policies regarding firearms, they cannot restrict the right of employees to keep weapons they legally own in their private, locked vehicles in the employer's parking lot. It's important to understand the rules and regulations that govern the carrying of firearms in the state, especially in places like bars. In addition, it's worth noting that the consequences can be even more serious if the person is discovered shooting or trying to use the firearm while at the bar. In short, while Texas allows carrying guns openly or concealed without a carrying license, there are still specific regulations about when and where you can carry firearms, particularly handguns.

It is essential that people know the laws and regulations that govern firearms and their presence in establishments that serve alcohol in Texas. In July of last year, the widow of a motorcyclist killed in a gang riot in a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas sued the restaurant for gross negligence following the brawl, which resulted in nine deaths and nearly 200 arrests. In some cases, bar owners may choose to allow the use of firearms if they have adequate security measures in place and have not exceeded the above-mentioned 51% income threshold. It is important for people who wish to carry firearms into bars or restaurants in Fort Worth, TX to understand all applicable laws and regulations before doing so. Additionally, bar owners should consider implementing adequate security measures if they choose to allow customers to openly display weapons on their premises.