Can I Own a Gun After a Felony Conviction in Fort Worth, TX?

In Texas, the law prohibits individuals who have been convicted of a felony from owning firearms. This restriction is outlined in both state and federal laws. If you are facing allegations related to the use or possession of weapons, a Fort Worth firearms lawyer could help you understand the relevant gun laws and provide you with legal information about firearm-related crimes. A specialized criminal defense attorney could help you determine what to do when you face charges. The difference between federal and state law when it comes to criminal possession of weapons can cause some confusion.

In Texas, a person is considered a criminal if they have been convicted of committing a crime classified as a felony under Texas law. This prohibition is outlined in the Gun Control Act of 1968, which applies to all states, including Texas. However, people with previous convictions in Fort Worth may want to consult a gun lawyer if they are charged. People in Fort Worth don't need a license to buy or carry a gun on their property, including in their homes, vehicles, or boats. This means that while Texas law allows you to own a firearm after a felony conviction if you meet certain criteria, you could technically be arrested and charged with a federal crime.

If you have been convicted of a felony in Texas, it is critical that you understand the state and federal laws regarding the possession of firearms and that you comply with these laws to avoid further legal problems. People found guilty of a serious crime cannot carry a weapon or apply for a permit to carry concealed weapons because it would break state law. A skilled Fort Worth firearms lawyer could help people facing charges understand the relevant gun regulations and work to achieve a favorable outcome. But does this mean that you can never own a gun if you're a criminal? Texas has unique laws regarding the possession of weapons by criminals. Even after five years have passed since serving your sentence, your rights to carry weapons are very limited and you may still face federal charges for possessing a gun.

A Fort Worth firearms lawyer could help you decipher state gun restrictions and prepare a defense against any firearm-related charge.