Carrying Firearms in Government Buildings in Fort Worth, TX: What You Need to Know

Texas law is very clear and direct when it comes to gun-free zones: according to Articles 46 and 035 of the Texas Penal Code, firearms are strictly prohibited in certain areas, such as schools, government buildings, and private property. In other types of locations, the property owner or the person in control of the property can decide whether or not to allow weapons. Open carry does not apply to public universities, including UNTHSC. It remains illegal to carry objects on campus, including the display of a firearm in campus buildings, as well as on campus streets, sidewalks and corridors.

This will not change when open carrying becomes law. There is no open baggage transport on campus. Typically, Texas law states that if a person carries a gun on a restricted premises or property, but immediately leaves the premises or property after being notified that they are prohibited from carrying a firearm, they will not be held accountable. Texas law does not establish similar holster requirements for carrying a gun in a concealed manner. Texas law generally authorizes public and private employers to prohibit their employees from possessing firearms or ammunition at the employer's company facilities. However, with some exceptions, employers are generally not authorized to prohibit employees who legally possess firearms or ammunition from transporting or storing firearms or ammunition in a privately-owned motor vehicle locked with a key in a parking area provided by the employer for employees. Texas law does not set specific restrictions on who can carry a long weapon, such as a rifle or shotgun.

Texas law also considers a person guilty of entering without authorization if they enter or remain on another person's property with a firearm after receiving notification that firearms are prohibited. However, different rules or defenses may apply to people with valid licenses to carry guns or use firearms in certain residential properties or hotels.